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Rejon: Th

Powiat: Gmina:
Das Ensemble der drei Dornburger Schl
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Bad Liebenstein (50.8351;10.3494) GPS
Schloss und Landschaftspark Altenstein-einmalige Gartenarchitektur mit weitl
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Bornhagen (51.3391;9.91818) GPS
Hanstein Castle is a ruined castle in Central Germany near Bornhagen in the Eichsfeld, situated above the river Werra in Thuringia. The name of the nobles von Hansteins, most notable Fritz Huschke von Hanstein, derived from the castle.
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Erfurt (50.9777;11.0296) GPS
Das Erfurter Rathaus steht am Fischmarkt in Erfurt. Die Urspr
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Leinefelde-Worbis (51.4269;10.3505) GPS
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Meiningen (50.5733;10.4161) GPS
The Meiningen Court Theatre, today Theater Meiningen (Meininger Theater), is a four-division theater in the Thuringian town of Meiningen. The ensemble of the theater offers musical theater (opera, operetta, musicals), drama, concerts and puppet shows. In addition, ballet complements and Youth Theatre, from Eisenach State Theatre produced and performed. Connected to the theater continues to be the Meiningen ...
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Schleusingen (50.5093;10.7501) GPS
Das Schloss Bertholdsburg ist eine fr
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Schmalkalden (50.7226;10.4549) GPS
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Suhl (50.6102;10.6897) GPS
Das Waffenmuseum Suhl pr
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Tiefenort (50.8369;10.1292) GPS
The Krayenburg was a castle situated on the Krayenberg, having the townships of Tiefenort and Merkers-Kieselbach at its foot, and overlooking an extensive section of the Werratal. The history of the Krayenburg castle began on 31 August 786 when Charlemagne gifted the village Dorndorf, inclusive all of its belongings, to Hersfeld Abbey. The abbey built the Krayenburg to protect its newly gained property. In ...
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Weida (50.7732;12.0575) GPS
Die Osterburg befindet sich un
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Weimar (50.9799;11.3255) GPS
The Deutsche Nationaltheater and Staatskapelle Weimar (DNT) is the most important musical and theatrical venue in Weimar in Germany. It is a twin institution, consisting of the theatrical Deutsches Nationaltheater (German National Theatre, now solely based in Weimar) and the symphony orchestra known as the Staatskapelle Weimar. It has a total of six stages across the city and also hosts touring orchestras ...
Powiat: Gmina: Miejscowość: Weimar (Thüringen) (50.9804;11.3315) GPS
Die Herzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek (Eigenschreibweise; sprachlich korrekt: Herzogin-Anna-Amalia-Bibliothek), kurz HAAB, wurde 1691 als
Powiat: Eisenach Gmina: Miejscowość: Eisenach (50.9716;10.3227) GPS
The Bach House in Eisenach (Bachhaus Eisenach) is the oldest museum devoted to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach, who was born in the city. It is housed in a 550 year old half-timbered house, mistakenly identified as Bach`s birthplace by the Bach biographer Karl Hermann Bitter. It contains original documents by Bach and provides a specialist library for researchers. In the summer visitors to the museum ...
Powiat: Erfurt Gmina: Miejscowość: Erfurt (50.9767;11.0264) GPS
The Naturkundemuseum Erfurt is a natural history museum in Erfurt, Germany. The museum has a permanent exhibition relating the natural history of the forests, fields, city and the geological history of Thuringia. There is also a special exhibitions programme. The museum has collections of botany, zoology, mineralogy
Powiat: Jena Gmina: Miejscowość: Jena (50.9237;11.6216) GPS
Der Fuchsturm (auch lat. Vulpecula Turris) geh
Powiat: Suhl Gmina: Miejscowość: Suhl (50.6166;10.7235) GPS
The Ringberghaus (German for: Ringberg house), also often called Ringberghotel is a hotel east of the German city Suhl. In the 1970s, it was one of the most controversially discussed new buildings in the Suhl area.
Powiat: Weimar Gmina: Miejscowość: Weimar (50.981;11.3324) GPS
Das Weimarer Stadtschloss (auch Residenzschloss) befindet sich in der Stadtmitte von Weimar am n